Co-Founder and Creative Director


Way before the launch of BeCrowned LLC, I’ve fell passionately in love with curating, planning, marketing and managing events. I’m an absolute believer of anything creative, unique and customized details. I also believe that every event deserves to be personalized and just as unique as the crown you wear (your invisible daily crown). From any event big or small our professional team brings a fresh and creative approach to the concept, planning and design process.

Our team works with you from start to finish, every step of the way ensuring a memorable experience. Whether it’s your dream wedding, baby shower, birthday, corporate or intimate dinner, the details always differ but the outcome of an unforgettable day remains the same.

Time to Get Personal:

Certificate: Event Planning Certified from the New York Institute of Art & Design Education: Bachelors in Advertising Marketing Communication from the Fashion Institute of Technology
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Hidden Talent: Licensed Cosmetologist
Secret Obsession: With wellness and fitness
Favorite Part of Curating: Is being able to see my clients vision come to life through the help of my amazing team is extremely fulfilling.

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