BeCrowned LLC is proud to present our marketing partnership with the Pouvoir Collection.¬†Pouvoir is a Limited-Edition handmade collection of ties and accessories created to help the Power Player stand out. To us Power means the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. What’s a Power Player you ask? Allow us to explain. A Power Player is the person who can command a room upon entering it. The type of person who gets their message across without saying a word. When the situation gets dicey this is the person all eyes are on for the solution. We come across a lot of Power Players in our lifetime without often realizing the significance. They can range from your top Fortune 500 CEO over to the head of a family of four. No matter what field or walk of life you choose to flourish in there is a Power Player in all of us. We hope our collections help you command whatever room it is you enter. Always “Stand out with Power” and remember “Bold Only”

SS ’18 Pouvoir Collection Photo Shoot

Vibrant colors and captivating design, Pouvoir Inc. releases it’s Spring Summer 2018 looks.

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