Guest Speaker(s):


 MEET BRIAN CUNNINGHAM A remarkable young leader from Brooklyn, Brian is a voice for progress in social and economic development. He is running for city council in the election on November 8th. Bad leadership has let people down and hurt families in Brooklyn for too long.  Brian is in this election to give Brooklyn the kind of compassionate leadership it deserves, rather than the same tired brand of career politicians. Brian hopes to mentor and lead future generations of Democrats, championing new American values.

MEET CASTELL J.R. BARNES Is a New York-native, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur! Castell J.R. Barnes made his mark as an intellectual powerhouse by using his personal and professional philosophy ‘Prosper, The Elite Way.’ Living by his life’s principles, Barnes continues to spread his ideals through sonic relief and literary promise.

Brand Features:

  • Mini Works, Curated Platform for Wellness, Image Consulting, and Workshop Events.
  • The C3 Method, A self care platform designed to reduce stress and increase human Morale. 
  • Brooklyn Blue, Rendition of a mixed cocktail Blue Hawaiian. 
  • Pouvoir, A limited-edition collection of ties and accessories created to help the Power Players Stand Out. “Bold Only”

*Limited Complimentary Tastings of Bklyn Blue Cocktails* Business cards suggested (not mandatory ) 

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